Hangin’ Judge

Hangin’ Judge

From  1863–69,  five Confederate  circuit judges  formed  a  secret alliance to steal land, ruin their rivals, and eliminate anyone  who  stood  in  the way  of  their  wealth  and fame.  Those who opposed them  were  framed  for “hangin’  offenses,”  and hauled to the nearest tree for a lynching. After  six  years  of  tyranny,  the  locals—mostly hot-blooded  Texans— fought  back.  They rounded up all the judges and hung them from trees all  along  the  Chisholm Trail  as  a  warning  to  other  authorities  who would abuse their power. The  Reckoners  seized  the   opportunity  to infuse the wicked spirits of the terrible judges
with  unholy  energy  and  send  them  back  to earth as abominations. Now the hangin’ judges stalk the Chisholm by night, terrorizing anyone who happens to cross  their  path. 

Modus of OperandiEdit

They  might  decide wearing blue  is illegal one day and whistling Dixie is a hangin’ offense the next. Being from Texas is always
a heinous crime in these horrors’ evil book of the law. Whatever the “charge,” they decide to  bring,  the  judges’  sentences  are  always death. And death is the judges’ stock in trade. Hangin’  judges  are  solitary  and   relentless hunters.  Once  they’re  on  someone’s  trail, they stay with him until he’s dead or morning comes. If  their quarry is killed, they string him up along the Chisholm Trail and paint the victim’s offense on his forehead in blood. The judges never speak except to whisper their prey’s offense over and over.


Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d8

Skills: Fighting d12, Intimidation d12, Shooting d12+2, Notice d8, Stealth d12, Tracking d12+2 Pace: 8; Parry:10; Toughness:6

Special Abilities:
•  Ambidextrous:Hangin’ judges are as deft with their left hand as they are with their right. The ignore the –2 off-hand penalty.

•  Colt  Revolvers: The  judges  carry  two single-action  Army  revolvers  that  never need reloading (12/24/48; 2d6+1; AP 1).

•  Fear  (–2): Hangin’  judges  are  terrors  to behold.

•  Fearless: Hangin’  judges  are  immune  to Fear and Intimidation.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

•  Improved Block:Hangin’ judges add +2 Parry.

•  Improved  Dodge: Attackers  subtract  2 from  their  Shooting  and  Throwing  rolls, and  the  judges  add  +2  to  rolls  to  evade area effect weapons (when allowed).

•  Improved Level Headed:A hangin’ judge draws  two  additional  action  cards  and acts on the best.

•  Improved Nerves of Steel: Hangin’ judges ignore two points of wound penalties. 

•  Invulnerability:The only way to destroy a  judge  is  to  hang  ’im  high  (good  luck there!).  Bullets  fired  from  a  lawman’s gun  can  put  them  down,  but  unless they’re  hung  afterwards,  they  return  the following night hell bent on vengeance.

• Marksman: If  a  hangin’  judge  does  not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the aim maneuver.

•  Pistol Scythes:Str+d6. The pistols of these horrors are fitted with scythes the judges can  use  in  melee  combat.  A  raise  on  the Fighting  roll  allows  a  judge  to  fire  his pistol at the same target as a free action.

•  Stone  Killers: Hangin’  judges  roll  a  d10 Wild Die when firing their pistols.

•  Two-Fisted: When  attacking  with  a weapon  in  each  hand,  the  hangin’  judge ignores the multi-action penalty.

•  Coup: Hangin’  judges  are  horrors  of the  highest  order.  If  a  hangin’  judge  is destroyed,  a  Harrowed  gets  the  judge’s twin,  autoloading  Army  revolvers  as coup. They won’t fire even a single shot in the hands of a living person, however.

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